Ad-Aware Personal Security

Advanced Antivirus Protection

Built upon our legendary anti-spyware and antivirus protection, Ad-Aware Personal Security real-time web-filtering technology safeguards your PC against phishing attacks and online scams, allowing you to stay protected on social networks and giving you the confidence you need to shop and bank online.
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English, French, German, Italian,
Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese

The World's most trusted protection

Advanced Detection

Superfast antivirus engine that complements our legendary anti-spyware to offer protection without compromise.

Increase Performance

Two engines made to work together, without conflicts or slow-downs, in one easy and superfast security solution.

Safeguard your Documents

Ad-Aware actively shields you and your business from deceptive applications and cyber attacks.

Get that Peace of Mind

Ad-Aware cleans and restores your system after an attack to keep your PC running as new.
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